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What Are Ausblox Geofoam® EPS Foam Blocks

Ausblox is NSW’s number one Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) block manufacturer. EPS foam blocks are made from Expanded Polystyrene that makes them extremely strong and lightweight. They are most commonly used as structural fill replacing soil. The strength of the blocks means that they can effectively replace weak soil and so provide a stronger structure. Primary uses in civil engineering projects include the construction of highways, bridges, embankments, soil and slope stabilisation but there are many more uses as well. The versatility in size and shaping of the blocks make their use wide ranging and easy to manage onsite. They can also be made to a variety of densities and resulting compressive strength to solve geotechnical issues and load bearing solutions. 

Why use Ausblox Geofoam blocks?

Strong – Lighweight – Load Bearing – Cost Saving – Thermal – Environmental.

  • Ausblox Geofoam ® can be up to 1% the density of soil and with the equivalent strength. This makes it an extremely strong lightweight alternative to soil and other types of fill – tyres, rocks, soil. This reduces load on the underlying subgrades and any buried utilities or structures.
  • These densities result in lightweight blocks, that are easy to transport and install, cutting transport and construction costs.
  • As an engineered product for a specific purpose, the behaviour and results are predictable. Variable density manufacture results in varied compressive strengths for multiple purpose.
  • Reduced digging. In cases where the soil is weak traditional solutions would require digging into the bedrock. This is not required when using Ausblox Geofoam.
  • Accelerates construction time and lowers costs. Quick and easy to install and can be installed in bad weather. Minimises use of expensive heavy lifting and earth moving machinery.
  • Thermal insulation properties of EPS blocks can prevent freezing and frosting of the surface, ground and buried structures.
  • Environmentally Friendly. No CFCs or any other gas are used in the manufacture or fabric that can escape to harm the ozone layer. The blocks are stable and inert. As a result, they will not pollute the surrounding soil or waterways. They can also be dug out and reused. They are also environmentally friendly in manufacture as they are non toxic and easily recyclable. Can contribute to LEED credit requirements. No environmental permit required.


Ausblox Geofoam solutions.

Solving multiple geotechnical problems

Ground Fill

Geofoam is more and more the preferred fill material to replace dirt and soil. It provides multiple cost savings including labour, transport and product costs. This is because it is lightweight and so easy to transport, handle and install. Traditional fills wold require multiple times the number of trucks to deliver the required fill material. Another factor is EPS foam blocks predictable performance outcomes. Unlike conventional fills GeoFoam provides a stable fill structure and with variable compression strengths available provides a precision in its load bearing performance. The product also provides a more durable as well as anticipated behaviour.

Slope Stabilization – Landslide and erosion prevention

Where the mass of existing soil is infact causing failure of the landscape GeoTechnical enginneers have turned to EPS foam blocks as the solution to stabilizing the slope and prevention further erosion or dangerous landslides. With GeoFoam being up to 50 times lighter than conventional fills the problematic mass and gravitational forces can be solved with reconstruction of the slope or embankment. The predictable outcomes of using Geoform make it the cost effective answer.

Embankments – Slope reduction – Low maintenance

By using Geofoams ability to stabilze slopes effectively the size of embankment slopes can be minimised. This makes more area usable and provides a secure and durable embankment. By using retaining structures with Geofoam fill these slopes can be dramatically reduced. Ongoing maintenance of these emabankments are also dramatically reduced as the potential for erosion or failure are minimised.

Retaining Structures

Using Geofoam as part of a retaining structure will reduce the lateral pressure caused by large mass. This will eliminate the movement that will result in structural failure of the retaining wall or abutment. Again Ausblox Geofoam has the variety of product specifications to match the compressive strengths and mass to produce predictable engineered outcomes.

Utility Protection

Protecting utility hardware and buried structures is a solution that Geofoam can produce because of its strength and light-weight features. By reducing the vertical stresses by reducing the weight above pipes and other sensitive utilities EPS block reduce damage and failure and thereby reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Thermal Insulation

EPS blocks have great thermal properties. They are 98% air by volume and so the stabilised air trapped within its cellular structure provides exceptional insulating properties. In civil projects this can be an extremely cost effective solution to the destabilising effects of frost heave and can protect utility hardware like pipes from expensive damage.  


Geofoam Applications

By using Ausblox Geofoam as providing the above solutions there are a variety of applications that EPS blocks are widely used in civil projects – 

  • New highway and road construction and temporary roads.
  • Road Widening.
  • Bridge abutments.
  • Bridge underfill.
  • Culverts and pipelines.
  • Levees
  • Artificial landscapes and Green Roofs.
  • Retaining walls and buried wall backfill.
  • Railway track systems and embankments.
  • Airfield pavements.
  • Stadium & theatre seating.

Other Applications

EPS blocks can be cut in to sheets, shapes to provide solutions for the building, insulationpackaging, marine and refrigeration industries. With Ausblox advanced computer cutting technology complicated shapes like architectural mouldings. complex packaging shapes and cut outs as well as advanced shapes and forms for film and theatrical props and sets is all possible.

Ausblox has created intricate formwork solutions and highly complex void shapes for clients that include for serpentine walls and complex domes. Also specific designs for Display Packaging for Promotion Boxes for Major events  and Intricate rollable protective packaging.

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