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What Are Ausblox Geofoam® EPS Foam Blocks

Ausblox is NSW’s top manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) blocks. These blocks, made from polystyrene foam, are incredibly strong and lightweight. They are primarily used as structural fill, replacing soil. Because of their strength, they can substitute weak soil, providing a stronger foundation. In civil engineering, they are commonly used for highways, bridges, embankments, and slope stabilization. However, their versatility in size and shape makes them useful for many other applications. Moreover, they can be produced in various densities and compressive strengths to address specific geotechnical challenges.

Why use Ausblox Geofoam blocks?

Strong – Lighweight – Load Bearing – Cost Saving – Thermal – Environmental.

  • Ausblox Geofoam® blocks can be up to 1% the density of soil while maintaining equivalent strength. This makes them a robust yet lightweight alternative to soil and other fill materials like tires, rocks, or dirt. This reduction in weight lessens the load on underlying subgrades and buried utilities, making transportation and installation easier and cheaper. Additionally, as an engineered product, their performance is predictable. Variable density manufacturing allows for different compressive strengths tailored to various needs.
  • Using Ausblox Geofoam blocks eliminates the need for deep excavation into bedrock when dealing with weak soil. This accelerates construction time and reduces costs since they are easy to install, even in bad weather, minimizing the need for heavy machinery. Their thermal insulation properties also prevent freezing and frosting of surfaces, ground, and buried structures.


Slope Stabilization – Landslide and Erosion Prevention

In areas where soil mass causes landscape failure, geotechnical engineers use EPS foam blocks to stabilize slopes and prevent erosion and landslides. Being up to 50 times lighter than traditional fills, Geofoam solves issues related to mass and gravitational forces, making slope reconstruction more efficient and cost-effective.

Ausblox Geofoam solutions.

Solving multiple geotechnical problems

Ground Fill

Geofoam is increasingly preferred as a fill material over dirt and soil. It offers cost savings in labor, transport, and materials. Due to its lightweight nature, fewer trucks are needed for delivery, and handling and installation are easier. Unlike traditional fills, EPS foam blocks provide stable fill structures with predictable performance. Their variable compression strengths allow precise load-bearing performance, making them more durable and reliable.

Embankments – Slope Reduction – Low Maintenance

Geofoam effectively stabilizes slopes, allowing for smaller embankment sizes. This makes more land usable and creates secure, durable embankments. By using retaining structures with Geofoam fill, slope sizes can be dramatically reduced. Additionally, maintenance is minimized since erosion and failure risks are lower.

Retaining Structures

Incorporating Geofoam in retaining structures reduces the lateral pressure caused by heavy masses, preventing structural failure. Ausblox Geofoam comes in various specifications to match compressive strengths and ensure predictable, engineered outcomes.

Utility Protection

Geofoam’s strength and light weight protect buried utilities and structures by reducing vertical stress. This prevents damage and failure, lowering maintenance and repair costs.

Thermal Insulation

With excellent thermal properties, EPS blocks are 98% air by volume. This trapped air provides exceptional insulation, making them a cost-effective solution for preventing frost heave and protecting pipes and other utilities from damage.

Geofoam Applications

Ausblox Geofoam is widely used in civil projects for various applications, including:

  • New highway and road construction
  • Road widening
  • Bridge abutments
  • Bridge underfill
  • Culverts and pipelines
  • Levees
  • Artificial landscapes and green roofs
  • Retaining walls and buried wall backfill
  • Railway track systems and embankments
  • Airfield pavements
  • Stadium and theater seating

Other Applications

EPS blocks can be cut into sheets and shapes for the building, insulation, packaging, marine, and refrigeration industries. With advanced computer cutting technology, Ausblox creates intricate shapes like architectural moldings, complex packaging, and props for film and theater. They also produce formwork solutions and void shapes for serpentine walls, complex domes, display packaging for promotions, and protective packaging for various events.

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