Marine Product Application


Polystyrene materials are widely used in the marine industry mainly due to the buoyancy and thermal properties of EPS.

Polystyrene is commonly used used as the core material in floating docks and pontoons.

It is cost-effective, has good floatation properties, and is easy to cut into custom pontoon profiles.

Polystyrene can be used for both concrete and vinyl encasing of pontoons.

Polystyrene is used as buoyancy material by boat builders. AUSBLOX can supply the required EPS and cut to size, to fill the exact specifications of your design. Bouys, net and fishing floats and surfboards are all common uses of EPS foam.

Flotation baffles are used when containing spills on the water. AUSBLOX supplies polystyrene for use as cores in baffles.

We cut regular baffles (circular and rectangular) as well as custom shapes to fit the sleeve.

Refrigeration and Packaging
Polystyrene materials are great insulators and are widely used as the insulation in freezer or coolers in the marine industry.

Cool boxes and fish storage boxes are also popular uses of polystyrene.

The thermal properties maintain the freshness of perishable products and because of the lightweight characteristics make transportation easy and cost effective.

Marine Polystyrene
pontoon Foam Inserts

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