Marine Product Application

Polystyrene foam blocks are widely utilised in the marine industry, primarily due to the exceptional buoyancy and thermal properties of expanded polystyrene (EPS). These characteristics make polystyrene foam blocks an ideal choice for various applications in marine settings.


Marine Polystyrene
pontoon Foam Inserts


Polystyrene foam blocks are commonly used as the core material in floating docks and pontoons. Their cost-effectiveness, excellent floatation properties, and ease of customisation make them a popular choice. Polystyrene foam blocks can be easily cut into custom pontoon profiles to meet specific requirements. They are suitable for both concrete and vinyl encasing, providing versatility and durability for marine constructions.


In the boating industry, polystyrene foam blocks serve as crucial buoyancy materials for boat builders. AUSBLOX supplies the necessary EPS foam blocks, cut to size to fit the exact specifications of any design. Polystyrene foam blocks are commonly used in buoys, net and fishing floats, and surfboards, demonstrating their versatility and effectiveness in maintaining buoyancy.


Flotation baffles, used to contain spills on the water, often incorporate polystyrene foam blocks as cores. AUSBLOX provides polystyrene foam blocks for use in baffles, cutting them into regular shapes such as circular and rectangular, as well as custom shapes to fit specific sleeves. This adaptability ensures that the baffles function efficiently in various spill containment scenarios.

Refrigeration and Packaging

Polystyrene foam blocks and sheets are excellent insulators, making them widely used for insulation in freezers and coolers within the marine industry. Cool boxes and fish storage boxes are popular applications of polystyrene foam blocks. The thermal properties of these materials help maintain the freshness of perishable products, while their lightweight nature makes transportation easy and cost-effective. Polystyrene foam blocks provide reliable insulation, ensuring that marine products remain fresh and are transported efficiently.

In conclusion, polystyrene foam blocks offer numerous benefits for the marine industry, from enhancing buoyancy and thermal insulation to providing cost-effective and versatile solutions for various marine applications. AUSBLOX is committed to supplying high-quality polystyrene foam blocks tailored to meet the specific needs of the marine sector.