Polystyrene Shapes Signs & Letters

AUSBLOX can supply styrene for signs cut to design, including grades of styrene for both indoor and outdoor use. Polystyrene signs are easy to paint using a water-based paint with a low solvent content. Because polystyrene is light compared to other sign materials, it is easy to mount and move.

AUSBLOX can cut standard font letters (Arial, Times New Roman, and a range of others). We can provide the letters themselves or a negative of the letters. AUSBLOX can also cut custom designed letters, providing you can supply us with a CAD file in DFX or EPS format.

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Polystyrene Shapes
AUSBLOX can computer cut any 2-dimensional shape from foam. Our machines can cut shapes to tolerances of +/- 1mm.  To cut a custom shape, we require one of the following

A sketch with all relevant dimensions
A CAD file. We require a DFX or EPS format. The CAD file must be an outline of the shapes, and it should not contain colours or patterns
A sample of the shape you wish us to replicate.

We can also create some 3-dimensional shapes, depending on the complexity of the shape

Polystyrene Shapes

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