Film and Stage Polystyrene Sculpting

Sets and Props for Film and Stage

Movies and EPS 

AUSBLOX has supplied polystyrene products to a number of major motion pictures. These polystyrene products are versatile materials that can be cut and shaped by hand tools as required.

From individual props to whole sets EPS can provide live-like shapes and structures to enhance the production value. We work closely with property managers and set designers to create their production designs

AUSBLOX supplies a range of styrene densities, from cost-effective low density styrene to load bearing high density styrene that provides an excellent finish.

Stage props and sets with EPS forms

Compared to a traditional wooden set, polystyrene is much lighter quicker and easier to move. Productions can now easily be more dynamic in set changes. It is therefore an ideal base for stage backdrops, as it is much lighter and safer to use.

Medium density polystyrene is the material of choice when sculpting. It provides a good finish when shaped while still remaining cost effective and easy to carve. Our cutting machines can also cut a two dimensional side profile to provide the basic shape for further sculpting.

Film and Stage Polystyrene Sets

Extra Fire Retardant Standards

Where a higher fire-resistance rating is required Ausblox Polyurethane products can be used to meet the most rigorous standards.

Film and Stage Polystyrene Props and Backdrops

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